Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Yes, all of this is for your sake; so that grace, as it extends to more and more people,

may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God... (2 Corinthians 4:15)


Our Mission Statement: GATHER. EMPOWER. SERVE.


These three words express the heart of our faith, and the heart of what we understand ourselves to be about as a church...


As God gathered the Hebrew people from exile, so God gathers a diverse group here for every event...and the purpose is similar; leading people from slavery and anxiety to freedom and joy!


As God empowered countless leaders, prophets, and teachers, so we believe God empowers us to be the hands and feet of Christ in the real world of our everyday lives!

As God served all humanity through the self-emptying of the cross, so we believe we are called to live lives devoted to letting God's care flow through us to others.


Our Vision Statement:St. Luke Lutheran Church is a community of everyday people...

...GATHERING into one body where our common purpose overcomes human divisions;

...EMPOWERED through Scripture, Fellowship, Worship & Prayer to Christ's Followers;

...SERVING as Christ's hands and feet for a world in need.


Our Core Values:CHRIST. (Jesus is Lord)

     Because Jesus is Lord and we are not, it is he who decides who is welcome, not us.


WELCOME. (All Are Welcome)

     Because Christ welcomes all, we strive to be a warm, diverse & inter-generational

     community where all are valued as children of God.


SUPPORT. (We Walk Together)

     Because we believe community is a God-given gift meant to strengthen us,

     we walk together and support each other through the best and worst of our

     everyday lives.


JOY. (A Spirited Community)

     Because we have been loved, welcomed, and supported on this journey,

     we experience true joy and enthusiasm for the life God has given us together.


SERVICE. (Offering Our Gifts)

     Because we believe God has blessed us so that we may be a blessing to others,

     we see our everyday lives as the place where we are called to participate with God

     in transforming lives with the gifts we have been given. 


Download Our 5-year Strategic Plan

(updated June 2015) 

While we are Lutheran, and celebrate the rich heritage that offers us, we also understand ourselves to be an all-denominational church because the God revealed in the Bible is far larger than any one church or denomination! Above all, it is our goal to be formed into his disciples so that God can use us to change the world with his grace and mercy, one person at a time. 

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