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In April of 2015, St. Luke voted on a 5-year Strategic Plan that lays out the direction we believe God is leading us as a congregation. Below is a summary of those goals.



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Click here to download a PDF of these goals


1. Develop and implement a mentoring program for youth and new members.

The youth of St. Luke overwhelmingly report feeling St. Luke cares about them by providing adult role models and a place to feel welcome. Parents of St. Luke youth indicated a need for mentoring which would broaden the connection between youth and adult members. Adult members report one of St. Luke’s strengths is that they leave worship services feeling connected with other members. New member mentors would enhance the feeling of belonging and warmth for which St. Luke is known.

2. Complete the pilot program for Alternative Worship services. Based on feedback from the congregation, and an evaluation of staffing needs, add an Alternative Worship Service option. Continue to provide variety (different liturgies, music, etc.) in traditional services.

Members report sermons, music, technology and the willingness to change and update to be current strengths of St. Luke. The Alternative Worship Taskforce is running a pilot program in the spring of 2015 featuring a preview of a potential Alternative Worship format. Both High School and Middle School youth indicated “contemporary” services would make them more likely to attend worship services at St. Luke.




3. Define the roles and responsibilities of all leadership including paid staff, Council and Team Leaders. Create specific job descriptions that will empower and guide leadership transitions.

It is widely recognized by leaders and members that as St. Luke grows, it is becoming increasingly important to define what specific roles entail. This not only allows for clarity and efficiency for those filling the positions, but also allows for a seamless leadership transition when necessary.

4. Build a program that addresses the needs of our children, youth, teens and young adults, and ensure that there is a staff model in place to support that program.

This goal recognizes that every generation has to re-think its approach to youth ministry (something the “Generation Z” Taskforce has taken a lead on). Read the full report from the Taskforce here.


5. Establish St. Luke as a community resource for all youth and adults in the area to connect with each other through safe and healthy activities.

The idea in this goal is to recognize that our church can sponsor activities that are intentionally geared toward all people, not just our own members. The goal here is to have the ministries of this church benefit the wider Slinger community.


6. Broaden the “Operation InAsMuch” ministry model to provide more consistent volunteer opportunities to individual families.

This would enable being “the church” outside of the walls of the church building and could engage many different age groups on big and small projects.


7. Develop a comprehensive communications strategy that integrates more traditional modes of communication with emerging technology and social media. Evaluate current staff and volunteer time needed for communications and explore technological resources to improve efficiency and empower lay leaders to communicate events.

With the changing communications culture, it is becoming very clear that tools are needed to manage the diverse communication paths used by members of all ages. Greater efficiency in these communication tasks will benefit both staff and members.

8. Provide members of the congregation with proper resources and support to develop small group ministries and special interest activities aligned with faith formation and fellowship development.

Small Group Ministry is a distinct need of growing congregations, in order to maintain the interpersonal relationships by which faith is strengthened and lives are changed.

9. Build a financial strategy, outside of the current giving and pledge campaigns, to ensure continued growth and investment in St. Luke. Continue to keep our focus on giving both for our spiritual health and for the congregation’s needs.

People commented that they liked not feeling like St. Luke always “had its hand out,” but that giving opportunities were well balanced with an appreciation for all that people do beyond just financial support. This goal seeks to further strengthen that balance between financial appeals and appeals for discipleship.

Review the slides shown at the November 1, 2015 Town Hall about this developing strategy!

10. Evaluate staffing needs in order to develop a model that supports the needs of a growing, inter-generational congregation. Explore staffing options including but not limited to the addition of trained staff. Build necessary resources to make that staffing model a reality.

This goal seeks to address the widespread recognition that in order to support our current pattern of growth, we need to staff strategically for that growth.

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