SCRIP is a way of buying gift cards through St. Luke, with a percentage of the transaction benefitting the ministries of the church!


You pay the full amount for the card, and you get the full amount of the card, but the companies donate a small percentage of every transaction! This is quite literally "free money" we can leverage to make a bigger impact in our community!


There are two ways to order SCRIP cards:

1. In the Gathering Area, at the Welcome Desk, on a Sunday.

When you place an order on a Sunday morning in person, the cards will be delivered to the church the following Thursday and available for pickup.


2. Online ordering

You can use the information below to order SCRIP cards online, and the same rule applies; if ordered by Sunday, the cards will be delivered to the church the following Thursday. There are also "SCRIP Now" virtual gift cards that are available and valid as soon as you purchase them online!


If you are interested in ordering SCRIP gift cards online, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Get St. Luke's registration code in one of these two ways:

               A. Stop by the welcome desk on Sunday morning

               B. Call 262-644-6003 during business hours to receive the code from staff.

STEP 2: Go to

STEP 3: Choose "Register"

STEP 4: Choose "Join a SCRIP Program"

STEP 5: Enter the code you got in step 1, then click "Register"

Follow the rest of the prompts to create a user name and password, and for any gift cards you order online, St. Luke receives a percentage of your purchase! It's that easy!

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Suspended until further notice. Watch the website and communications for updates and more information.




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