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Communion Preparation


At St. Luke, we believe that all baptized Christians are welcome at Christ's table.


This means that children of any age may take communion!


To honor the gift we receive & the various ways families help their children learn about that gift, we offer two main options:


Option 1 - Taking Communion before 5th Grade

If you feel like you are ready for your child to begin taking communion and they are younger than 5th grade, we simply ask that you the church office at office@stluke-slinger.orgto set up a time for some age-appropriate instruction so that they know more about the special gift they are receiving.


Option 2 - Receiving "First Communion" in 5th Grade

Every year, we offer COMMUNION PREPARATION classes as a part of our 5th Grade curriculum. This is the time during which those who have not already begun receiving communion will do so. It is also a special time for those who have already taken "First Communion" because they will get to dig even deeper into the meaning behind this sacrament.

These classes culminate in a "Communion Sunday" each Spring during which the entire class will help serve communion to their families as we celebrate this special gift.

If your student is enrolled in our 5th grade Sunday School class, you will be receiving more information during the beginning of the year as we prepare for the celebration in the Spring.


Please feel free to call or email the church office with any questions you might have.

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