MET (Mission Exploration Team)


               On July 25th, 2017 the MET came together for an organizational meeting with the Synod.  The purpose of the MET is to allow the congregation to claim ownership of the mission of the congregation and the call process.  The MET will do this in several ways.  Initially, the MET will be reviewing the congregation’s life and history.  With the perspective of the past, the MET will try to forecast the challenges and opportunities for the congregation in the next 5-10 years. This process will be made easier with the help of our current strategic plan and the recent study done by the Gen Z team.  By evaluating the congregation’s present strengths and weaknesses, the MET will attempt to specify the resources needed to fulfill the mission of the congregation and St Luke's place in the community.  With the help of the congregation, the MET hopes to understand the mission and vision of the congregation.  By doing this, the MET hopes to identify the gifts that are most important for the next pastor to possess.

The members of your MET are:

Robert Traylor, Dan DeSnoo, Jerilyn Kind, Beth Johnson, Sue Heidke, Roger VanRyzin,

Bonnie Fischer, Cindy Jahn, Lori Pedrick, Darin Sievers, and Pastor Steve.


               Council would like to thank the over 30 people who volunteered to be part of this process. The nominees that wanted to be considered were entered into a specific demographics list. This list was meant to be a representation of St Luke’s current   membership. Council then selected the members to represent that group. We were blessed with many talented and willing   nominees. Those who were not chosen may be called upon to be part of the Call Committee and will     definitely be asked to assist the MET team by using their God given talents to volunteer in other parts of the process.


               This is an exciting time in the life of St Luke.  The MET will be depending on members of the congregation and the community at large throughout this process.  Our ultimate goal is to pave the way for a call process to begin.  This is the first step in the future of St. Luke.

MET Process Update


The St. Luke Mission Exploration Team (MET) has been meeting about every two weeks since August to complete a self-assessment of St Luke’s mission and ministry as we prepare to call a pastor. Highlights of team activities as of 10/4:

  •  Completed review of our church history and identified themes and patterns that help define who we are today.
  •  Developed a series of congregational surveys addressing our mission statement “Gather, Empower, Serve” which are being implemented weekly beginning October 1 (paper surveys during worship service and electronic version by email).
  •  Gathered demographic information to describe our church and community.
  •  Currently interviewing community leaders to identify priority community concerns and ways that St Luke can partner with others to serve the community.
  •  Currently evaluating our mission and outreach.

This information will lead to the creation of a summary report and is the basis for St. Luke's Ministry Site Profile. Together these documents constitute the Mission Profile forming the basis for decisions on congregational ministry and pastoral leadership. The congregation will affirm them at a future meeting, usually with a representative staff member of the Greater Milwaukee Synod present. The team is working diligently and prayerfully to accomplish our purpose. Please keep us in your prayers and contact a member of the team with any questions or suggestions.

The MET has finished their part of this process please read the Ministry Site Profile below.  It is what prospective pastors will see about St. Luke, a first glance for them into who we are as a church.  The Call Committee will take us on the next step of our journey.

Ministry Site Profile & Seven Reflections

Cover Letter to Mission Site Profile

Ministry Site Profile

Seven Reflections

MET Surveys

MET Survey #1 "Gather"

MET Survey #2 "Empower"

MET Survey #3 "Serve"

MET Meeting Minutes

MET Process Tasks Updated November 4th, 2017

Minutes from January 3rd, 2018

Minutes from December 19th, 2017

Minutes from December 5th, 2017

Minutes from November 21st, 2017

Minutes from November 7th, 2017

Minutes from November 1st, 2017

Minutes from October 18th, 2017

Minutes from October 4th, 2017

Minutes from September 20th, 2017

Minutes from August 24th, 2017

Minutes from August 8th, 2017

Minutes from July 25th, 2017

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