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The Call Committee Members are; Terry Wussow (chairperson), Trista Bringa (secretary), Dan deSnoo, Chris Ojstrsek, Lori Pedrick and Bill Roots.  Thank you all for being a part of this important time at St. Luke.  They will be leading us in the next steps of finding our pastor by reviewing and interviewing potential candidates who are interested in becoming the pastor of St. Luke. 

If you would like to contact the call committee please email them at:        



July 2018 - The Call Committee met with Synod earlier in June to express what we learned from our first three interviews to help Pastor Jennifer (Synod) identify new candidates with additional gifts.  We again met on June 18 and received three new candidates for us to interview.  We interviewed all three candidates before the Fourth of July and are in the process of having a second interview with one of the three.  Please continue to pray for the Call Committee and the candidates that the Holy Spirit will lead this process for the Glory of the Lord.

June 2018 - As stated in our previous update, we determined that the first 3 candidates that were presented to us by the Synod were not the right fit for our congregation. Since then, we again met with Pastor Jennifer of the Synod to debrief what we had learned from our first interviews and gave her additional information on what gifts the new candidates should possess. We scheduled a follow up meeting with Pastor Jennifer for later this month. Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the process to the Glory of the Lord. We also ask for your patience (Romans 8:25) as we go thru this very difficult and time-consuming process.

May 20, 2018 - There is a process we are following to call a new Pastor which includes protecting the confidentiality of any of the candidates presented to us.  With that said there are a few details that we are at liberty to release.  We were presented with 3 candidates.  Each candidate had a first interview with us.  We did fly in one of them for a second interview.  Through this process we determined that while the candidates possessed many good qualities, we did not feel that any of them would be the right fit for us.  We will be meeting with our Synod representative to discuss what was learned from this and how best to proceed. We will then receive additional candidates from the Synod for our discernment.  Again, to protect the confidentiality of the candidates and the integrity of the process, we can’t discuss any more specifics.  Please continue to pray for our guidance so that we may find the right person for St Luke.

April, 2018 - We are now at the point where we have gotten interested pastors information and have started the interview process.  This part of the process is kept confidential but we will keep you updated!  

Since our last report,the Call Committee has met twice a week Interviewing each staff person and forming questions for their practice Interview on March 15th. Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will lead our team for the calling of our next Senior Pastor.

We had our “kick off “ meeting with Pastor Arnold from the Synod on February 15th. Please continue to pray for the Call Committee in your daily prayers.

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